Artist's Statement


My art celebrates those ancient symbols of humankind that expresses our sense of the universe and our place in it:  our environment, history, and cultures. It also celebrates today culture and dreams.   Early anthropological studies combined with a passion for "Primitive Art," form the bedrock of my art making.  I find the use of mosaic and glass materials to be the most natural media in reflecting man's visions and today's environment.

For example:

IBROCKING recalls the spirit of a northwest coastal Indian and Pot Latch into modern times. 

TWILIGHT TIME brings together the sacred turtle and snake in a peaceful context. 

DREAMS OF FUTURE PAST celebrates the 1950’s  imagery of space exploration.  

 I want to share my love of our ancient sensibilities and modern dreams with others.


lillies lillies southern magnolia barn Asheville
egyptian desert sun peace space